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All-natural, Earth-friendly party accessories  Ecofetti is a biodegradable confetti for your joyous celebration!

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Ecofetti - Large Bag


 Ecofetti is an ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY & NON-TOXIC tossing confetti providing a great alterative to rose petals, bubbles and regular paper confetti. Ecofetti is made from gluten and corn-starch, is non-staining and biodegradable, which means no mess and no clean up worries.

Available in a variety of colours or mix and match to create your own unique combination, Ecofetti is great for use in parks, gardens and even on the beach. Ecofetti brings back the tradition of confetti throwing at many celebrations in a modern, eco-friendly way! An already massive hit in the U.S.A, used in the ‘IKEA wedding’, by Eddie McGuire on our very own MCG and even Australian fashion week, Ecofetti is quickly becoming an Australian and worldwide phenomenon.

A large bag will cover approximate 50-55 tosses (small handfuls) wiegh only 275g

Ecofetti Australia Recommends you use 2 to 3 table spoons per guest for the best result. 

If you are planning to put the Ecofetti cones we recommend 4 to 5 talbe spoons per cone. 

That is only a $1.09 per toss. 


Please advise us of your ceremony or reception location.

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